About Us

Who We Are

We are your renewable energy experts and industry leaders in waste to resource business practices. With our leading state-of-the-art technology, skilled team, and award-winning operations, KB BioEnergy offers sustainable value-added solutions for municipal wastewater treatment plants and biomass producers throughout the Midwest.

Mission Statement

KB BioEnergy is committed to sustaining, supporting and transforming biological solutions for clean green energy and economic prosperity. We sustain the needs of modern cities, support cleaner water supplies and energy technologies, and transform biosolids into low-cost, renewable energy.

What We Do

KB BioEnergy builds, maintains, and provides services for waste-to-energy facilities. Our skilled team brings green solutions to municipal organizations, their constituents, and other biomass producers.

For over 30 years, the City of Akron, Ohio has trusted in KB BioEnergy to serve as their partner in residuals management. We currently operate and protect their residuals management infrastructure while providing wastetoresource services for 100% of their biosolids residuals. Our partnership has led to the development of the high-tech facility that we run today that provides KB BioEnergy with the ability to continuously research and develop innovations in the industry.

At our showcase facility located in Akron, OH surrounded by gorgeous tranquility of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, we create energy in the form of electricity from organic-based wastewater treatment plant residuals, known as biosolids. The electricity supplies power to the city’s wastewater plant, offsetting their need to purchase expensive power from the grid. This decreases the city’s overall costs, in addition to creating a cleaner environment for the community that we serve. The City of Akron has been a great partner to work with and we are looking forward to continuing our successful partnership with them while also expanding our service offerings to other communities.

In addition to waste-to-energy solutions, KB BioEnergy also provides waste-to-resource solutions for wastewater residuals like biosolids. Biosolids that are generated through our operations can be utilized in products like fertilizers, composts, and soils due to their high nutrient content and robust organic properties. Our products are clean, safe, and provide tremendous value to our partners when marketed and distributed locally.

Through the generation of heat, power, and the creation of marketable residual-based products, KB BioEnergy extracts the highest value from what others view as waste. This allows us to create clean renewable energy and beneficial marketable quality products for our clients and the communities we serve.

What We Offer

Using anaerobic digestion (AD) solutions, we deliver self-sustaining systems that provide social, environmental, and economic benefits to our community. We provide marketable commodities rich in value that are derived from organic residuals, clean energy solutions that reduce our partners’ energy costs, and solutions for sustainable waste residuals management.

Our innovative technologies utilize the latest equipment available and our focus on constant improvement allow us to stay ahead of the curve. Our systems can process six times the volume of solids processed by traditional methods and can create dried nutrient fertilizer that meets the most rigorous environmental and health standards in the market. Simply put, our knowledge, experience, and innovative solutions put us in a position to offer you what other companies cannot.

Anaerobic Digestion

To maximize the value of our services in both waste-to-resource and waste-to-energy, we lean on the technological advances achieved through anaerobic digestion (AD). AD is a biological process that mimics nature to treat biosolids or organic waste. The process takes place in a system with no oxygen present so microorganisms (bacteria) can break down biodegradable material. This generates biogas, which can be used to produce heat and electricity, cleaned to run vehicles or injected into a natural gas pipeline.

AD systems offer the best solutions for green energy and product commoditization of waste biomass. Through partnerships with our European technology experts and decades of experience managing organic waste residuals, our renewable energy plans based on AD systems offer some of the most robust opportunities available in the market today.

If you are interested in learning how KB BioEnergy can assist your operation, contact us today!