What We Do

KB BioEnergy is a waste-to-energy company focused on sustaining the environment through maximizing value from wastewater treatment plant residuals. Our core business resides in the operation and maintenance of the City of Akron’s waste-to-energy treatment facility. There, we manage and transform the city’s wastewater treatment plant residuals into clean green energy, high-quality nutrient-rich fertilizers, and other valuable horticultural products.

While our roots are firmly planted in Akron, Ohio, we believe in the greater good that our approach and practices can bring to societies everywhere. We believe in extracting and developing the highest values from waste materials to help create new revenue streams for municipalities while also improving the environment. At KB BioEnergy, our goal is to help grow the waste to energy industry by developing new facilities for other municipalities, making them valued partners just like the team at the City of Akron’s wastewater treatment plant. Through our partnerships and vast experience, we are positioned to help grow waste-to-energy and waste residual commoditization for future generations to come.

We Provide Efficient Operations with a Constant Focus on Innovation and Growth

Our primary objective is to continue to provide flawless services for the City of Akron’s wastewater treatment plant. Our established team can meet our clients’ core needs and through our experience, we can supply the best service and liability protection to the City of Akron.

  • The renewable energy facility generates biomass energy 24/7/365 that can support all of our internal needs and even offset the electric needs of the city’s wastewater treatment plant
  • Our advanced renewable energy facility can process 6x the solid content of biosolids compared to traditional technologies
  • Our talented and professional team understands the needs of our systems and are well equipped to handle any challenge that arises in a timely manner
  • The Akron renewable energy facility produces enough biogas to power 1,400 homes per year
We Provide Efficient Operations with a Constant Focus on Innovation and Growth

We Support and Grow the
Waste-to-Resource &
Waste-to-Energy Industry

At KB BioEnergy, we believe in our mission and support the growth of the renewable energy industry and the expansion of waste to resource business practices. We strive to grow the industry and to meet the vast open market for more green waste-to-energy facilities in the United States.

  • Our team builds, operates, and maintains waste-to-energy facilities
  • Our fertilizer and horticultural products provide new sources of revenue, high quality environmentally friendly horticulture products, environmental protection for water quality, and even carbon sequestration
  • Our products and services offer true opportunities to significantly reduce your carbon footprint and break your reliance on volatile fossil fuels
We Support and Grow the<br>Waste-to-Resource &<br />Waste-to-Energy Industry

We Provide Professional Services

At KB BioEnergy, we also offer eco-effective solutions for waste resource management. When it comes to beneficial reuse, primarily in the fields of wastewater treatment residuals and biomass generators, our experience and innovative thinking are truly industry-leading. Why throw away material that could have market value and instead help offset the need for landfills and resource mining? At KB BioEnergy, we can analyze your facility and determine the best course of action economically and environmentally.

  • Our professionals are leading experts in resource analysis and value creation
  • Our team can help design, develop, and produce new marketable products from current plant residuals
  • We are well experienced in product design, branding, market analysis, and even material distribution
  • We have a strong focus on innovation, with an eye towards the future
We Provide Professional Services