Generation Process

In the uncultivated world, the natural process of wastewater treatment plants is in operation every day. In nature, streams and lakes possess natural aeration designed to keep water clean while microorganisms break down solid plant and animal matter. You’ll even find that organic residuals remaining from the breakdown of the solid matter are a soil-like material equivalent to biosolids from a municipal wastewater treatment plant.

In the engineered world, every time someone flushes their toilet the contents head to a wastewater treatment plant engineered to essentially function the same way as nature. These plants aerate the water and breakdown the solids with good bacteria and microorganisms. When the process is completed, the left-over material is a nutrient-rich material called biosolids. Through biosolids management, solid residue from wastewater treatment is processed to reduce or eliminate pathogens and minimize odors to create a safe beneficial product.

This is where KB BioEnergy comes into the picture as one of the leaders in renewable energy and waste to resource solutions. We build, maintain, and provide services for waste-to-energy facilities that bring green solutions to municipal organizations, their constituents, and other biomass producers.