Welcome to KB BioEnergy, where we provide environmentally friendly solutions from clean water to renewable energy. KB BioEnergy is a residual waste management company committed to managing organic wastes, primarily wastewater solids, in the most environmentally beneficial and cost-effective manner. These residuals are the basis for the services we provide due to our unique ability to transform organic waste into valuable biogas that can be used to power an engine, produce electricity, or even run motor vehicles. Not only do our services offset the reliance on energy production through harmful fossil fuels, but they also produce newly generated products. These products are then converted into safe forms of nutrient fertilizer or high-end agronomical products that improve soil health and provide real-world solutions to environmental challenges such as water pollution and atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Where we stand today will be a launchpad for where we land tomorrow. Pairing our innovative approach with the growing demand for green sustainable solutions, the future is bright for our company and our clients. With threats to the economy, changes in regulatory demands, and the growing threat of climate change, more environmentally responsible solutions will be needed for our changing world.

At KB BioEnergy, the innovations of the future and the preservation of our current successes will all be driven by the talented individuals that make up our team. Our team is represented by the best and brightest individuals who see the world a bit differently than the conventional eye. We have a strong desire to sustain and foster innovative growth for our clients through environmental protection, and we are always searching for the best talent to assist with our ever-growing business.

KB BioEnergy is always looking for qualified individuals who share our desire to provide the best services and products possible to our clients. Being a part of our team means believing in the KB BioEnergy vision of leading in sustainable environmentally friendly business practices such as waste-to-energy and beneficial reuse product development, a commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction, and being an active participant on a team driven by innovative ideas and solutions.

If you are interested in working for a truly remarkable company that benefits, our clients, the environment, and the society that you live in, we welcome you to learn more about KB BioEnergy and explore our compelling career opportunities.

To contact the Human resource department at KB Bioenergy please call or send us an email at