Laboratory Services

KB BioEnergy is equipped with a full-scale, state of the art research and development laboratory at our facility in Akron, Ohio. Our in-house team of laboratory professionals can properly analyze your waste residuals to narrow down and determine what beneficial reuse properties they might possess. We can also compare waste residuals against regulatory program thresholds to determine existing regulatory suitability or the best permitting process to realize beneficial reuse opportunities.

Additionally, our team can give you the ability to structure your project based on research and detailed studies. This research and design component can help clients verify that their approach is feasible and even help develop currently unseen opportunities.

If you have a specific research project in mind or simply have laboratory service needs, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Testing Capabilities:

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Regulatory Comparative Analysis
  • Biogas Energy Recovery
  • Sieve and Textural Analysis
  • VS and TS Testing

For help with waste material analysis and regulatory assessment testing for beneficial reuse project development please complete the following form and a knowledgeable KB BioEnergy team member will get back with you shortly. Let our talented team help you properly analyze your waste residuals and the options that they may possess.