At KB BioEnergy, we believe in the groups and associations that we affiliate ourselves with. Professional associations that we seek memberships in either hold the same values as our company or strive for the same goals for society and the environment. That is why KB BioEnergy is proud to be associated with the following distinguished associations:


At KB BioEnergy we believe we have a responsibility to the community that we serve. We are proud to assist local businesses and non-profit organizations that support our community and show a commitment to environmental prosperity and the preservation of natural resources. If your organization seeks support either in the form of a financial or material donation, please complete the Donation Request Form below.

While we cannot guarantee that every donation request will be granted, we are happy to review your request and are honored that you think of us as a likeminded business trying to do good for our community!

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Continued Education

At KB BioEnergy, we also support organizations that support ongoing education and awareness regarding important environmental and sociological matters. The following are some educational resources that we encourage you to check out for yourself: