Residuals Management

Are you tired of looking at your exorbitant waste management invoices and wondering if there’s a better way to manage your plant’s residuals? Thankfully, there is!

For the last few centuries, the focus has been placed on Residuals Management and Residucal Value Creation. Instead of considering what value waste materials could possess, landfill disposal has been the deferred means of waste residuals management. These options are not only poorly impacting the environment and are unsustainable but they negatively affect your bottom line. Landfill costs and ever-changing land application rules are creating liability issues and threatening the status quo for operators and municipalities everywhere. Imagine what happens if operations are suddenly forced to change due to new environmental regulations. What would you do? With the constantly shifting political environment and growing environmental threats, these times are not far off.

Over the past couple of years, changing regulations for land application, primarily due to water quality threats from nutrient pollution, have caused serious alarm in the industry. Additionally, more and more landfill operators are declining waste biomass or biosolids, which can leave operators struggling to find sound options. This is why municipalities and businesses need to be proactive and prepare for the changing regulations that are quickly approaching. Thankfully, with the help of KB BioEnergy, you can get ahead of the curve and on a sustainable path so these changes won’t impact your operation.

At KB BioEnergy, we utilize our decades of waste to resource and beneficial reuse experience to help generators find alternative uses for material that is underutilized or being disposed of in a landfill. Whether your facility generates biosolids, incinerates ash, grit, food waste, or other organic-based residuals, we may be able to help you find a better, more cost-effective option.

If you would simply like to explore a more environmentally and financially efficient way of managing residuals, we are the company to contact. Our experienced team has worked with many different forms of residuals and has experience in land application, composting, waste-to-energy, product development, branding, marketing, and sales.  Our long history of residual management has taught us the ins and outs of how to transform what most consider a liability or cost center into real tangible value. With our innovative means of generating value from “waste”, we can offer ground-breaking solutions for waste residual management.

For help with waste material analysis to beneficial reuse feasibility assessment please complete the following form and a knowledgeable KB BioEnergy team member will get back with you shortly to talk through your goals and options. Let our talented team help walk you down a similar approach and help determine what’s right for you.