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Who Are We?

KB BioEnergy is a family-owned and operated business that has provided waste-to-resource solutions to wastewater treatment plants for over 30 years. What started as the region’s largest residuals compost facility has turned into one of the leading waste-to-energy facilities in the United States under the guidance of our experienced team. With our leading state-of-the-art technology, skilled team, and award-winning operations, KB BioEnergy offers sustainable value-added solutions for municipal wastewater treatment plants and biomass producers throughout the Midwest.

We Create Energy

That can be used for users such as Municipal Residential and Businesses


Our renewable energy facility can provide clean green energy enough to support the power demand of 1,400 residential homes.



Offering energy for cities to use for the powering their vital infrastructure from powering municipal treatment plants to fueling municipal motor vehicles.


Renewable energy resources for businesses and manufacturers to realize the economical and environmental benefits of green renewable energy.

The Dramatic Difference

KB BioEnergy isn’t your normal waste-to-energy management company. Our differences lie in the services that we provide, the products we produce, and the resource value that we create. At KB BioEnergy, we are constantly providing out of the box, economically feasible options for waste residuals, including green power, thermal heat, and product development. We also go the extra mile for our clients, by offering efficient marketing and distribution services.

Our Overt Benefit

At KB BioEnergy, we understand that there is real value in much of the material that people consider waste. If you look at waste as a resource, you start to see more than the cost associated with the management of those residuals. At KB BioEnergy, that is where our value lies. With that unique perspective, we’ve gained decades of experience extracting the most value from what others deem waste. While other waste-to-resource companies can help process residuals, few can actually transform residuals into marketable products and provide full-circle/closed-loop sales and distribution. For that reason, we are the industry leaders in beneficial reuse practices and value creation from otherwise less desirable materials.

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Who Are Our Customers?

While every customer is unique, the same basic principle holds true for all of them. All of our customers are currently managing or generating a residual biomass material in their operation and is incurring a cost to manage it.

Most of our clients are looking for an environmentally friendly, cost-effective method that differs from traditional means of residuals management. They are innovative and open-minded municipalities, companies, or public institutions that are interested in breakthrough opportunities. Our customers want value creation and out of the box solutions for how best to manage expenses, reduce liability, and protect the environment.

If that sounds like you, contact us today!