Nutriblend Compost

Over the years compost products have gained in popularity due to niche marketing and lightweight material. However, when you peel back the pizzazz of branding you start to see that true product quality is much more than just catchy marketing. Performance matters!

  • pH 6.7
  • 25% Organic Matter
  • 1.7% Total Nitrogen
  • 2.2% Total Phosphorous
  • Bulk Density of 1,000 lb/yd
  • Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio of 20-1
  • Trace Minerals

Through years of research and development we are proud to offer two truly performance based products that outperform even the leading compost and fertilizer products in the market today.

Nutriblend Compost provides the plant benefits of a synthetic fertilizer with the stability and working texture of a traditional compost. Nutriblend compost is made up of recycled organic matter, derived from dried microbes, humus, and municipal water treatment organic solids, specially aged and blended with our all natural earth blend compost . Nutriblend Compost contains ALL 17 plant essential nutrients, important trace minerals, soil microbes, and rich levels of Organic Matter creating a truly complete and comprehensive growing medium or soil amendment.

Ideal Uses:

  • Lawns amendment
  • Gardens soil nutrient replenishment
  • Soil conditioner
  • Tree or ornamental planting
  • Agriculture soil health booster
  • Fertilizer applications


  • Replenishes vital soil Organic Matter critical for plant and crop performance
  • Reduces watering requirements by improving water holding capacity
  • Aids in the proliferation of soil mircobes and supplies beneficial microorganisms
  • Acts as a natural fertilizer reducing the need for chemical fertilizer applications protecting plants and water quality from over application.
  • Improves soil structure and encourages plant root growth


Try what Nutriblend Compost can do for your horticulture needs.

Nutriblend products are available for direct distribution from our online platform. Both Nutriblend products are sold in loose bulk form delivered on dump trucks or in Cubic Yard super sacks, that are delivered on flatbed trucks. For inquires into product sales including landed transportation rates please click here.