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Our objective is to provide effective and efficient wastewater residual management services to municipal and private sector clients while also protecting the environment and preserving it for future generations.

To accomplish this mission, KB BioEnergy offers expert services to individuals, companies, and municipalities seeking effective and innovative solutions for wastewater treatment plant residuals or biomass waste resources.

Municipal Water Reclamation Facilities

KB BioEnergy manages the waste stream from the City of Akron’s Water Reclamation Facility. Our long-term partnership with the city has proven extremely beneficial to the facility and the city’s constituents. We successfully changed the trajectory of this facility by providing a cost-efficient method to transform biosolids into renewable energy. The water reclamation facility now features a sustainable solution for all of its wastewater treatment residuals, no longer pays costly landfill disposal fees, or has to be concerned about managing high liability biosolids. Just like we’ve done for the City of Akron, our team is dedicated to delivering the same results for other municipal water treatment facilities.


Not every engineering firm has the direct hands on operations experience that we do. KB BioEnergy is well-positioned due to our experience and full circle solutions. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can bring proven solutions and operational support to help provide intimate knowledge to your clients specific needs. Leveraging 30+ years of experience, including in-depth knowledge of anaerobic digestion systems, the latest residual management technology, product development experience, and marketing and sales support, we are ready to help take your company to the next level of sustainable, 21st-century residual management solutions.


Municipalities are responsible for providing a healthy environment for their residents and operating within a budget. Utilizing energy and products created from waste residuals can help support a municipality’s need to reduce costs while also providing a healthier environment for its residents. By working with our team, municipalities can learn how to become a more efficient and self-sustaining city, which benefits everyone. Our team can help your city realize new revenue opportunities through waste to resource platforms, remove environmental or regulatory liabilities, all while offering partnership opportunities along the way. By capitalizing on waste-to-resource sustainable opportunities, municipalities find themselves better equipped to deal with outside environment changes while supporting happier healthier citizens.

Large Processing Facilities

Similar to municipal wastewater treatment facilities, large manufacturing and production facilities like food processing plants, paper mills, and industrial operations, generate significant volumes of waste organic biomass. These production plants often have significant waste management expenses and regulatory challenges that hinder their operations. Just as wastewater treatment plants spend significant portions of their budget on managing waste residuals, so do large production and manufacturing facilities. Fortunately, organic-based biomass can be used for waste-to-energy operations or commoditized and sold for a profit. Finding and realizing these environmentally beneficial opportunities is where KB BioEnergy excels and offers a tremendous opportunity for non-municipal clients.


For decades, farm digesters have been commonplace in the industry. Animal manure, similar to municipal biosolids, can be processed through a digester to reduce manure management expenses and create a steady supply of renewable energy. Large livestock facilities offer great opportunities for waste-to-energy facilities and are part of our growing customer base. If you are a farm that is exploring waste-to-energy options or in need of manure management solutions, we can help.

KB BioEnergy can also help improve agricultural soil health and reduce nutrient loss from farm fields. Depleted agriculture soils have created sieves for nutrient pollution and are fueling the rising trend of algal blooms and water resource threats around the world. With our innovative approach to addressing soil quality health and reducing nutrient pollution, KB BioEnergy can create value from waste manure in the agriculture sector.


KB BioEnergy designs and develops marketable products directly for use in the horticulture and landscape industry. We have decades of experience operating in the horticulture industry and our diverse background on soil health, composting, and horticulture supply allows us to offer new opportunities for local landscapers and those operating in the horticulture industry. The products that we make are some of the highest quality most potent materials offered in the market today. Through a focus on improving quality horticulture supply, we can help improve desperately needed soil quality health and plant performance while providing advanced layers of environmental protection.

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