What Makes Us Different

KB BioEnergy brings a key ingredient to residuals management and renewable energy solutions: Proven Experience. Our 30+ years in the industry has afforded us the insight and knowledge necessary to provide innovative solutions for waste residuals management. Our experience in managing wastewater residuals not only spans decades but also includes a plethora of different techniques and approaches.

We haven’t always generated energy from biosolids. For decades, KB Bioenergy operated as a compost operation providing compost solutions for biosolids. Driven by innovation and the latest technological advancements available in the market, we forged a new path over time, one focused on renewable energy generation through anaerobic digestion. At KB BioEnergy we understand that our past helped establish where we are today but that innovation and development will continue to drive us into the future.

Our unique experience includes:

Industry Regulation Knowledge

KB BioEnergy leverages more than three decades of experience in the waste-to-resource industry. Our team is comprised of certified professionals who are licensed experts in their fields of expertise. We work closely with state regulators and industry associations focused on the ever-changing world of residuals management regulations.Our relationships with local and state agencies help with permitting and innovative reuse program adoption. Our team has a constant eye on state and federal regulations as well as emerging industry threats to keep our operations and clients up to speed with the constantly changing regulatory world we serve.

What Works (and what doesn’t)

30+ years working with residuals has afforded us comprehensive knowledge in the development of municipal waste-to-energy and waste-to-resource solutions. During this time, we’ve encountered unique challenges and conquered them all head-on with innovative measures that resulted in successful projects. Our experienced team has utilized a variety of alternative treatment technologies and developed strong relationships with global technology supply companies. These partnerships ensure our ability to leverage the latest processing equipment while also steering clear of practices that sound good but are hard to materialize.

What Keeps our Customers up at Night

Not all systems, methods, and treatment processes are sustainable for all projects. Our clients are concerned about their future and how to survive in a world of constantly changing regulatory and market conditions. So are we. That’s why our focus is on providing peace of mind for our customers and ensuring that they are not just surviving but thriving. We do this by extracting the highest value from waste residuals while converting them into their most marketable form, free from variable regulatory conditions and liability issues that are often associated with bad market actors. When we develop tailored solutions for our clients, we make sure that they stack up to current and future threats and liabilities, and also comply with state and federal regulations. This is how we offer true peace of mind to our clients.

Solutions for Today and the Future

Our methods deliver social, environmental, and economic benefits to our clients and the cities that they live in. Cleaner air, water protection, renewable energy resources, and reduced management costs put our clients on the path to a brighter, more sustainable future. While we tout the environmental benefits of the solutions we provide, we know these projects need to be driven in hard economics to ensure that the long-term value is realized. By understanding the goals, challenges, and objectives of our clients, we can most thoroughly provide long-term sustainable solutions that best suit their needs.

"Unique Proactivity"

Our experience enables us to take a unique approach to renewable energy and waste management solutions. When there’s a need to improve, we look for transformational process enhancements or what we’ve termed “Unique Proactivity.” This means taking inventive proactive steps to guide a system to a new, sustainable path. This proactive approach has been the key to developing effective, customized solutions for our partners, operations, and clients.

We’ve found that most of our clients wish they would have connected with us sooner as they’ve realized short-term, reactive fixes haven’t effectively or sustainably positioned them for future success. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore!

KB BioEnergy offers expert input to change the trajectory of your waste management system. We know the future of your facility, municipality, residents, and customers are on the line. With no sustainable solution in sight, the future can appear scary. Fortunately, Unique Proactivity encompasses the ability of our team to properly gauge economic indicators, navigate industry regulations, and develop innovative solutions that work both today and in the future.

The concept of Unique Proactivity has allowed KB BioEnergy to enjoy a track record of success with our clients. Our success with the City of Akron demonstrates the value of our knowledge and the results it can produce for others.We are dedicated to applying this experience to sustaining, supporting, and transforming through renewable energy solutions. It’s what we’ve done for the City of Akron, and it’s what we can do for you!