Our philosophy is to leave nothing to waste. Recycle and reuse what we can, while protecting the environment now and for future generations. 


Since the start of the KB collective in the 1970s, we have always made serving the environment our priority. Over the years we developed products to serve our community and sustain the functionality of our services. What KB BioEnergy seeks to achieve is a fuller, greater appreciation for our beloved Earth and a community conducive to putting that appreciation into action. Our process of producing a renewable energy source from mere biosolids and waste is a perfect example of how we work make the good Earth better.

Our Mission

At KB BioEnergy, we strive to provide for the environment as much as it provides for us. We make it our Mission:

  • to support the environment and water reclamation facilities.

  • to transform biosolids into a lasting renewable energy source.

  • to sustain and nurture the environment for generations to come.

Support. Transform. Sustain.

KB BioEnergy works to be the example of preserving the Environment in which we live by creating an invaluable, sustainable renewable resource for The City of Akron and beyond.