We believe KB BioEnergy is a powerful vehicle through which we channel our passion, appreciation and drive to protect and produce energy in pursuit of the fundamental goal of preserving the environment. Through our collective action and innovative operations, we increase the impact of our efforts to:

  • Protect our environment

  • Support our communities

  • Provide a lasting resource

  • Search for ways to improve

At KB BioEnergy, we strive to provide for the environment as much as it provides for us. We make it our Mission:

  • to support the environment and water reclamation facilities.

  • to transform biosolids into a lasting renewable energy source.

  • to sustain and nurture the environment for generations to come.

Our Mission


Support. Transform. Sustain.

KB BioEnergy works to be the example of preserving the Environment in which we live by creating an invaluable, sustainable renewable resource for The City of Akron and beyond.