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About KB BioEnergy

The Akron Renewable Energy Facility and the Water Reclamation Facility

The City of Akron and KB BioEnergy (formerly KB Compost Services, Inc.) have had a public-private partnership since 1989 to manage the waste solids through the City’s Composting Facility. In 2007, the City contracted with KB BioEnergy to construct and manage an ADS (Phase I) that would process one-third of the solids generated by the City of Akron while producing renewable energy. The success of this initial project has resulted in a renewed contract between the City of Akron and KB BioEnergy to construct a plant (Phase II) three times the size of the original ADS to accommodate 100% of the City’s waste stream.

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Everybody Benefits

A Source of Renewable Energy
Decomposition is a principle in nature. AD technology lets us convert this process into usable energy. We are part of our own energy creation!

Nothing Wasted in Wastewater
Through anaerobic digestion, 50% of the biosolids are transformed into biogas and used to generate electricity or heat.  The other 50% goes through a “dryer” and become “pellets” – a mostly dry substance with the ability to be used in soil and harmlessly put back into the environment.

Reduced Emissions
ADS technology reduces our oil and natural gas consumption, as well as reducing landfill deposits. Less transportation is then required for these services, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our partnership creates self-sustaining power that relies less on outside energy sources, saving the city money and becoming more energy independent.

A Cleaner Environment
With less energy consumption from fossil fuels, emissions are reduced. Using renewable bioenergy cuts down on landfills. The quality of our air, water, and environment improves. A healthier environment means healthier, happier citizens.

An Efficient, Self-Sustained, Growing City
With costs due to energy down and citizens healthier with cleaner air and water, a more productive society invests better in their city, with outside businesses and people seeing how they can be a part of it.

Interesting Facts

Two Coccus 3000's

KB BioEnergy, Inc. uses BioFERM/Schmack Biogas AG technology. While traditional technologies can process 3-5% solids, we are able to process 6 times that solid content (30%)!

Renewable energy like solar and wind require favorable weather conditions to function. Biomass energy is consistently available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year!

We are experts in renewable energy. We not only provide our services to build waste-to-energy facilities, we also employ our experts to operate and maintain them!

“Anaerobic digestion, appropriate for 30 percent of Ohio’s biomass, conservatively would generate 27.6 billion kWh, meeting the needs of 2,758,000 homes.”

– The State of Ohio,
Office of the Governor