Sustaining the 21st century needs of cities, citizens, and the environment.


Supporting cleaner water supplies
and energy technologies.


Transforming Biosolids into a low-cost, renewable energy.

Our Goal at KB BioEnergy

KB BioEnergy, Inc. is dedicated to promoting new, environmentally responsible processes resulting in renewable energy produced from organic waste.
Our anaerobic digestion system (ADS) is a public-private partnership with the City of Akron, focused on developing a clean energy economy.
Anaerobic digestion is the breakdown of organic material which produces biogas, a low-cost fuel that can be used as an alternative to natural gas for generating electricity or heat.
Our facility uses only 10% of the energy generated from the biogas. The other 90% is used to power public service buildings for the City of Akron.
Everyone benefits from this valuable service. Cities are rewarded with a cleaner water supply, less greenhouse gas emissions, lower landfill deposits, and reduced fossil fuel consumption. All resulting in happier, healthier citizens.